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We at EMPLOYEE RESOURCES are very proud of the work we do with the employers and employees of Buffalo and Western New York. We are committed to this area and understand the politics and the uniqueness of living and working in Western New York. Our contract employers have come to expect a high level of personal care and attention and will not settle for anything less. Our clients are seen within 24-48 hours. Our long-term relationships with our treatment providers allows our clients to be seen by our treatment providers from 1-5 days after our initial EAP assessment. Our response time is immediate when we have a critical incident at a worksite.

Our Buffalo and WNY area is made up of hard-working men and women who understand the value of family, friends, and a good job. We have a strong work ethic in WNY and we at EMPLOYEE RESOURCES help our families stay healthy mentally, emotionally, even physically with the help of our very skilled licensed EAP staff and our network of treatment providers.

If you are an employee/employer of one of our contract companies, welcome, browse our website, and please let us know what else you may need. Please feel free to make any suggestions on how we can improve our services to you.

For our future employers or unions, you may be thinking about providing this benefit, or you may already have an EAP and are looking for a change. If so, if you would like EMPLOYEE RESOURCES to give this same care and attention to your employees/members and their families, please email us directly. We will set up an appointment to discuss how you can provide this extraordinary benefit to your valuable employees/members.

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The EAP Process

  • The procedure that an employee/dependent follows to access their EAP is quite simple. An employee/spouse/dependent calls the Buffalo EAP office. The Intake Manager will ask the caller to identify him/herself by employer. An appointment is made for the caller with the appropriate EAP counselor according to the counselor specialty. Our EAP consists of a three (3)-session model. Oftentimes, a person can be assessed and have a problem solved within those three sessions. Other times, if after the client is seen, an outside referral is necessary, the linkage is made within the next 24 hours.