About Employee Resources, Inc.

EMPLOYEE RESOURCES, INC. is a local Employee Assistance Program corporation which has many local contracts with employers in the Western New York area.

The EAP work of EMPLOYEE RESOURCES began back in 1988. We started out doing work as a small organization serving local employers and employees. Our provision of service was so well received by both labor and management that soon we were asked to provide more and more services that later became what we are now – a full-service Employee Assistance Program. Over the past decade, with all of the changes in the mental health and substance abuse field, we emerged as very visible advocates for our contract companies. Our first major contract was with General Motors – acting as the professional extension of their EAP. Today, we are still very proud of our continued association with the UAW/General Motors. In addition, we provide EAP services to several large, medium, and small private corporations as well as school districts, hospitals, towns and counties. We also provide EAP services for several multi-national companies as subcontractors for other national EAPs. Our work with management, unions and employees/families has been most rewarding. The relationships that we continually work on building --with employees, union reps, union officials, supervisors and management--are all crucial to our progress. These relationships take years to solidify and are a matter of trust, and confidence in our competence to always put the employees/families first. We have proven that when both management and union use our EAP, jobs are saved and people's livesare improved. As confidentiality is key, we protect an employee's right to privacy, even when it is difficult to say "NO" to the inquirer.  The fact that all of our EAP staff counselors are also NYS licensed therapists allows our EAP clients to be covered under the privilege provisions of the laws in New York state.  Confidentiality is strictly adhered to by law and our licenses. 

EMPLOYEE RESOURCES is not affiliated with any of our referral providers in anyway.  Our EAP is completely independent of any treatment and insurance/managed care company.  It is our philosophy that any treatment provider or any insurance/managed care associated or affiliated with an EAP is a direct conflict of interest as decisions for treatment may be based on financial gain rather than always what is in the best interest of the employee/dependent.  Since we are not an arm of an insurance/managed care company we are able to truly advocate for an employee’s right to treatment – both level of care and length of stay.  At EMPLOYEE RESOURCES, we do not self refer. 

Our EAP services include assessment/brief therapy/referral. The number of sessions differ with each contract depending upon the need of the employer. Our work involves referral and case management either to community resources and/or to providers who are part of the preferred provider list for the individual's health insurance plan. As part our EAP contracts, we make thorough clinical on-site visits to all of our referral sources, becoming aware of any program development and staff or administrative changes, ensuring continued quality care. Since we are a local corporation, we are familiar with all of the community resources, public and private, which enables us to enjoy an excellent working relationship with our referral sources.

We have offices conveniently located throughout Western New York. Our telephone numbers are the same for all offices: Local (716)854-1990; Outside of Buffalo (800)491-1990.


  • Buffalo - 77 Broadway Street, Suite 110, Buffalo, NY 14203
  • Lockport - 215 Bewley Building, Lockport, NY 14094