We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our Contract employers, their employees, and unions. We can also customize programs to fit any unique need. Among the many services we offer are:

- Assessments
You will be assessed by a highly-trained and skilled Master's Level NYS licensed therapist who will be your EAP counselor. The assessment takes about one hour. During that one hour, as you are describing your problem to the EAP counselor, your counselor will be asking you several questions. In that process, your counselor is devising a treatment plan to best help you resolve that problem, a plan that will be shared with and agreed upon by you.

- Brief Therapy
Most of our contracts allow us to see employees/household members for up to three (3) sessions if needed. Oftentimes, we are able to help resolve a problem within those three sessions by means of short-term therapy. Otherwise, we make a referral to a therapist or a clinic in the community.

- Case Management
We manage your case from beginning phone call to the end of your treatment episode to ensure that you are getting the best possible care that you deserve.

- Conflict Resolution
We offer mediation and conflict resolution to departments when two or more employees cannot resolve a problem which may be interfering with their ability to work together.

- Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Services
This is a highly specialized service which we offer to our contract companies when a crisis or trauma occurs in the workplace, severely affecting the employees' ability to resume their work functions. Examples include death of a co-worker, accidents, assaults, etc.

- DOT Compliance
If your department must comply with the Federal Department of Transportation Alcohol and Drug Regulations, we can help to keep you in compliance. We have certified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) available.

- Educational Seminars
As part of our contracts, we provide cutting edge educational seminars to all employees. (See our "Trainings" in the Main Menu)

- Employee Orientations
We offer Employee Orientations on the EAP process to all employees. We do this at the beginning of each contract, and update these Orientations as often as is needed.

- Financial

- Legal

- Management Consultations

- Mediation

- Referrals

- Supervisory Referral Trainings

- Utilization Reports

- Wellness/Prevention

- Eldercare